The Great Escape - Precision on wall placement

Hello ! I’d like to know something about legal wall placement in The Great Escape.

The rules say “Walls cannot cross. If a player tries to put a wall atop another wall, he/she loses the game. But it is still possible to put a vertical wall in between two horizontal walls (–|--).”

Does it mean that you can always place a wall so that it forms a “+” with another wall, or does that mean that you can only do it if you place the wall vertically ?

In other words, if there is a vertical wall starting from top left of (1 0), is “0 1 H” a legal move ?

Thank you !

As you said, the rules say “walls cannot cross”, and the example provided is consistent, the vertical wall is not crossing another wall (a wall being 2 cells length) but is placed BETWEEN two horizontal walls

same is possible with a horizontal wall placed BETWEEN two vertical walls.

your answer : considering a vertical wall “1 0 V”, the wall “0 1 H” is not valid
(but when considering two vertical walls “1 0 V” and “1 2 V”, the wall “0 2 H” is valid)


Thank you very much! My interpretation of a wall was wrong, I was thinking that when you put walls you put 2 walls rather than a 2 cases long wall