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This topic is not related to the quest map, so i create a new topic.

I share a common feeling with some other codingamers, the home page is “empty”. The current home page shows me my quest map and my own recent activity. But there’s nothing about what is going on in codingame.

  • We should see our friends activity : At least the last puzzle they submit
  • We should see the next incoming contest
  • We should see the puzzle of the week
  • We should see the new approved puzzles
  • We should see the “hot” puzzles in the last days (a simple counter based on submits should be enought)

Agreed. I would like something like a heatmap of what other players on CG are doing at the moment. (just a counter on number of submits yesterday on the 10 most popular games/optims/shortest might be sufficient )


I agree that more dashboard-like features on the homepage would be nice. However, the list of “10 most popular games” would be quite static showing always Onboarding, Temperatures, etc - i.e the first few official easy solo puzzles plus CSB for multi.

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That’s why he didn’t mention puzzles :wink:

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Actually, this is in my priority list. Well, not exactly this but pretty close. We want to find a way to reinforce the social link on CodinGame.
We believe the social part of CodinGame is one of the main reasons people hang out here and also beginners manage to overcome the entry barrier.

As you highlighted, we follow people on CG but there’s no way to really follow their progress and activity except by checking puzzles details pages and leaderboards.

I’m not promising anything super fancy real quick but we’ll brainstorm ideas and test some of them.