The last Challenges is not taken in calculation of Global Codingpoint

The last Challenge (Summer 2023) is not included for the ranking of “Challenge”.
Similiarly, it is not included for the ranking of Total.

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Actually, that’s worse : it is included as far as shifting the previous challenges is concerned, but without using it (if it would be in the top-3, of course). In my case, this means a net loss (until this is fixed) despite a decent finish !

Also not taken into account for the achievements.

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More precisely, as far as I’m concerned, the coding points are given for the event, but not for the global ranking category ‘Challenge’. And as you said @Lanfeust, no achivement unlock (except the inscription one).

I suppose it was a matter of time for propagation, I also saw the discrepancy for a short while, but now essentially it has been fixed.

Still no achievement though :cry:

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