The rise of CodinGuardians

You have for sure seen their names once on the chat, or on the forum. They’re passionate about CodinGame, they spend an impressive time on the platform and they are always ready to help another CodinGamer in distress. Some of them are already moderators on the community contributions or moderator of the forum. They’re now part of the CodinGuardians group.

Here at CodinGame we’re really grateful for what they are doing for the community and we are thus putting our trust in them like we would do for our own members. For now there are 10 CodinGuardians.

Some additional clarifications:

  • This is a volunteer role, so even though they will be happy to help, they might not always be available

  • It’s possible to contact/notify @CodinGuardians but should be done parsimoniously. If an issue can’t be solved by asking on the chat or checking on the forum, the best way is usually to contact us at

  • If you feel like you could become one of them, feel free to PM me! (obviously the group will have a size limit at some point)


I’d volunteer… but I’d probably have to act much nicer about things than I currently do.

I will note, that most of my interactions with these people have always been positive… somehow… well, Bob tends to forget previous conversations, but still knows his stuff.

Seriously–as helpful as my posts are–they always sound so mean.