The Unofficial codingame contest

Given that there is no contest at the moment, I’m setting up the Unofficial contest on codingame. This is a 10-day contest, from 2020-06-05T07:00:00Z to 2020-06-15T07:00:00Z.
At the start of the contest, I’ll share which existing multiplayer is chosen, and the goal will be to climb the leaderboard.
I’ll publish the leaderboard on this page: In order to appear in the leaderboard you should share your codingame username using this google form. We’re already close to 20 participants!
If you’ve registered and you want your username taken down from the leaderboard, feel free to send me a message on codingame or on discord!

I hope this will enable us to focus on one game and learn a thing or two :rocket:


Thanks @thibpat for taking the initiative to organize and host this contest, it seems to be an excellent idea!!!

I am curious as to how the leaderboard will be computed, given that you will use the codingame ranking to compute the leaderboards, I think that there are 2 potential ways to use it :

  1. Direct ranking basis, final rank is what you calculate based on. This is by far a better idea as 10 days is probably enough to code the contest to the best of your ability. The only issue I see with this is that veterans may not be able to improve much and hence wont get to participate much.

  2. Difference in rank between start and end ranking. This is simply a potential idea, but I do not like it that much. While the previous idea may not keep the veterans interested, this throws them out of the game completely. A coder like @Illedan gaining say 5 – 10 ranks is a big deal as he is legend in most. But others can start the multi and gain over 300 ranks within 10 minutes!!

What I think would be ideal is a combination of the two with a very large weight on the first option. This will ensure that the newbies are kept in the game to get a good rank, and the pros will have to improve as the small weightage on rank improvement will probably be what sets the ranks apart.

Once again, thanks @thibpat awesome Idea!!

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Thanks for the feedback @WINWINWIN!

After reading your feedback and getting other people’s feedback, I’m thinking using the existing codingame’s ranking. And just adding a “progression metric during the contest” to give more “bragging rights” to people who tried it more recently :slight_smile:

I hope that will be enough to make it interesting for most players! Let me know what you think!


Seems interesting, after reading the discord chat, maybe a stratified leaderboard is required? Tier 1 : The guys who start in Legend.
Tier 2 : Gold

I’ll keep that in mind! thanks @WINWINWIN :pray:
For this one, I’ll keep things simple, and learn from the participants’ feedback!

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Maybe use such unofficial contest to also promote unofficial games? Such contest may be restricted to those games only.

These games are usually simpler, with many less players, and some of them are really great - it will be fantastic if they will start reaching full codepoints border with 500 participants and maybe finally earn themselves rights for the proper league system.


I really like that idea, I didn’t think about that one!! Thanks @aCat :pray:
However I might have already chosen the game, who knows :wink:


In the future, I hope it will be possible to coordinate such challenge with the launch of the new community game. That would have the thrill of uncertainty as always with official contests.


yes for sure :100: I wanted to try reusing an existing challenge, but I’ve heard from many people that using a new game is more fun and more inclusive. I’ll keep that in mind and hopefully collaborate with other developers!


Like this one :innocent: ?

As was said on Discord : it’s a really good idea to get people to play the same game at the same time. Have you considered having a longer time frame (2-3 weeks ?) so it’s easier for players with busy schedules?


Yep - of course - I forget about this one as I was codingame-offline at the time it happened ;p.

I’ve suggested this often, now that someone is doing it I also think the longer duration would be helpful.

I think that the longer time frame would also allow guys who did not do the multi to catch up.

I agree, the longer, the better. I find it hard to participate in short contests having work, family, kids…etc.

Ohh I did miss that @pb4, thanks for bringing it to my attention, that looked like a fun contest!! Good thing I didn’t say that it’s the first unofficial contest :relieved:

@Astrobytes @WINWINWIN @EagleDawn Thanks for the feedback, I’ve heard this one quite a few times. The 10-day duration was chosen following the choice from the 13 first people who registered (see chart). And also from the fact that it’s a first for me, so I wanted to keep it short. I’ll take that into account in the next contest!


If people do not want a longer contest, maybe it is better to increase by only 1 or 2 days rather than 10 days?

I can’t change the duration of this challenge, but the next one will be longer :100: