There is no Spoon - Episode 1 puzzle discussion

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@NewboO I really think it is an automatic mail, and congratulation for the 9th rank :wink:

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Congrats @NewboO for doing it with PHP, unbelievable :wink:

Yes it probably is, but the challenge was still running so it was possible to check if your code were passing the validation tests before submitting.

nice new interesting puzzle :slight_smile: thanks, solved it with no problemo B)

I started these yesterday and as a mostly beginner this was the first one that I really struggled with. My solution is probably really awful but I feel so satisfied finishing it. To those who are struggling, look up 2D arrays.


Hello all, after sending my code the page shows that I’ve a 100% score but none of the achievements is unlock, is it normal ?

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Hi everyone, it’s maybe a stupid question, but I get all the point for all the test works well and all the evalutaion one too expect from the tunnel one.

I’ve looked at the result and it fail on the first node, but if I run the code on my side using what I think to be the same map, there is absolutely no problem with this one. Could there is a bug in the tester? Did I miss something?

BTW the display for this game is not working correctly under Safari, I had to use Fx for checking what’s happen…

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i have the same probl

I have the same problem as godzil and yassinetouri0
P.S. I edited my code and now the results are at 100%.
This time I didn’t use 2D arrays.

I just validated my Javascript code again and got 100%. It seems to be working fine.

But the replay isn’t working for me either, so I can’t offer any advice on the testcase.

Anybody up for a sub thread for people attempting to solve this without using a 2D Loop?

You know… for optimisation for the sake of optimisation?

I was creating a Turing Machine (well… a crappy one) for one possible solution. The other one has me doing a lot of bit shifting.

I don’t want to kill your enthusiasm, but what are you trying to optimize? Even if you are not using two for loops, you still have to touch the nodes in the same order.

If you want to make a turning machine, you should try the “Bilbos Forest” puzzle. I have not done it yet, but it sounds a lot like you have to implement a turing machine.

It’s Brainfuck (even if BF is a Turing machine).

Yeah… you still have to touch the nodes in the same order… but if you have a better algorithm you can touch them quicker… in the same order.

It is possible to go through the same data… but much quicker.

I have problem, if start test I give messaage : Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time…


I found a mistake, I forgot that the input 0 in a string

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I have the same problem, using C++. With my first problem it failed on one of the last node. Using a second solution, it fails on the very first, however, it should not be in my opinion. Could this be a timing problem?

I dont know what’s wrong here? Isn’t this the requested output?

1 output line per link.

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