There should be 2 queues for Clash of Code

I feel like there should be 2 queues in Clash of Code: One for the Fastest mode, and one for the Shortest mode.

The reason for this is I feel like allowing people to choose the mode they want will reduce the amount of people who leave immediately upon a mode start

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I wouldn’t see it as different queues.
Every user should have a setting in a profile to limit clashes into categories. I don’t like shortest code and I cannot filter them out to not join such a clashes.

Yes, it happened to me that when I realized the clash is a shortest code - I was leaving the clash immediately.

The only problem with that is that it’s unfair for the leaderboard.
If you over-specialize in one mode and only play this mode it gives you an advantage over people who fairly play all modes.

A solution could be to use 4 queues:

  • all modes, counts for leaderboard
  • shortest, doesn’t count
  • fastest, doesn’t count
  • reverse, doesn’t count

But I’m not sure that there would be enough candidates to fill all four queues with a good pace.