There will be more companies for Fantastic Bits Contest?

Hello everyone, I’m Laura and this is my first thread.
I am interested in the Fantastic Bits contest, at least in getting the random t-shirt ( xD). But I read the list of companies and all of them are in France, so my question is: Will there be any new company for non French speakers? An English one at least!

Thank you for your attention


Unfortunately, I don’t think another company will join Fantastics Bits at the last moment.

Good luck for the T-shirt btw :slight_smile:

Hello Laura,

congrats for your first thread here! The forum can be quite intimidating at the beginning.

About Fantastic Bits, no new companies will be added in the last days. (I think, else I’ll update the thread). Most of the companies are in France since we’re based in France but you can find some elsewhere:

  • Kaliop
  • Amadeus
  • LiveRamp
  • DocuSign
    And I’m sure companies in France accept english-speaking candidates. Come here, it’s a beautiful country! :slight_smile:

oh Apo replied