Time Limit ("The Bridge")


I’ve a generic question regarding the time limit. Currently I am solving The Bridge, which states that a response has to be given in <= 150ms.
No I am running in a timeout on test 12, and i am not sure why. I’ve deactived all output for this, only timestamps (with perf_counter()):

    Standard Error Stream:
    Start Time : 9812224385.245ms
    Game information:
    Approaching bridge...
    Speed 0
    1 bike remaining.
    Standard Error Stream:
    Bikes 1, Survivors required 1
    Length of bridge: 30
    Time after all Inputs : 277.348ms
    Speed: 0
    Bike 0 at 0,2 with state 1
    Time Cummulative: 277.518ms
    Time Cummulative: 277.553ms
    Time Cummulative: 277.586ms
    Time Cummulative: 281.644ms
    Time Cummulative: 281.676ms
    Time Cummulative: 281.722ms
    Time Cummulative: 281.748ms...
    Game information:
    Timeout: your program did not provide an input in due time.
    Speed 0
    1 bike remaining.

As you can see, it takes >270ms to get the inputs only, my DFS then takes ~0.1ms per Iteration.

So how dows CG apply the 150ms limit? Including or Excluding the time the Host takes to generate the input for my program?

The timer start after the reading of the first input.