Tips and techniques in C++ for the puzzles

Just to let you know I took some time to explain (in French) some of tips and techniques I use while solving the CodingGame puzzles in C++. I do not provide complete solutions just some advises. I also provide the number of lines of my code since it is a good indication of the level of difficulty (keep in mind I do not claim to have the best solutions)

Actually the page for the Easy puzzles is here :
All puzzles are covered

The page for Medium puzzles is here :
This page is not yet complete. Indeed it take time to put everything black on white (especially when you have a job, a familly and hard puzzles to work on:-)). However, it will come, one day or another for sure.

Other topics like Dijkstra algorithm are available on the blog (use the search box to find them)

I hope this can help some C++ coders.
Best regards, Philippe