#TOO_MANY_FOLLOWS: "You may not follow more than 100 users"

An error occurred (#TOO_MANY_FOLLOWS): “You may not follow more than 100 users”.

This seems to be a new error that is thrown when a use who has 100+ follows tries to follow another user. I currently follow over 140 users and like to follow new users who produce code that I find impressive. It’s no longer possible for me to follow anyone new unless I unfollow 40+ users I currently follow.

Evidently this must be a new rule because I clearly was able to follow more than 100 in the past.

Why was this implemented? What purpose does this serve? It just limits how much interaction we can have as users on this platform arbitrarily and harms the potential for a vibrant community on here.

Imagine if Facebook or Twitter had implemented a 100 follows limit into their social networks early on? It’s absurd. There’s no good reason for this. Please remove this limit.


I have exactly the same problem !
As a teacher I need to follow my students and I like to keep in touch with my former students… I also have some friends and colleagues that I would like to continue following!
There I’m stuck at 150 and I can’t add anyone without having to remove 50, it’s just absurd!

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@5DN1L @nicola @_CG_ClementHammel : Do any mods know the reason this was implemented? I’m not sure who is best to ask?

I’d say CG staff. I have no idea.