Troll vs Castles Brainstorm

20 players in the leaderboard and not a single comment on the contribution, but we all knew nobody reads the statements anyway, right? Especially when they explicitly tell you you’re on your own.

So I’ll be making my plea a bit more persistent here: please express your thoughts on the ruleset, as trivial as they may appear. Or comment on the “Evolution” section of the statement. Spark some discussion!

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As I wrote on the chat : it is highly probable that the game does not have a pure optimal strategy.

Getting an edge on the opponent will therefore require detecting that he doesn’t play an optimal mixed strategy on average, and countering that bias.

This can not be done in the current format where a single game is played. It would probably be better to have many games against the same opponent so that we can actually try to adapt to him.

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If you stick to a limited number of maps with reasonnable size, it may be possible to precalculate a mixed strategy offline for each map (haven’t checked the memory requirement for this…)

This becomes a combination of : do we actually precalculate a correct mixed strategy offline ? Can we pack it efficiently to play on CG ? Can we try and detect/adapt to the opponent behavior on the fly ?

As an example : I think there is a rock/paper/scissors contest online somewhere. Make the underlying game solvable and you still have a somewhat interesting concept.


Add elemental attacks, ice fire lightning.

  • Ice slows troll.
  • Fire make the troll angry and run faster!
  • Lightning stuns the troll but makes him charged, once charged it will discharge on first occasion it lands next to one of the players. The charges keep stacking up until it discharges!
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Add beer. Slows the troll down. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that only worked on dwarves.

Fair point. I quite like @AntiSquid’s ideas though

Here is a live chart for score progression

First time I saw your game I thought of Age Of War, which is basically a game with 2 castles and you train units that attack opponent, you just choose which unit and when.

It would be amazing to see some of this game mechanics implemented in the most epic crossover!

(btw AoW 2 is even better but graphics are clearly too advanced for JBM)

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That could possibly even be another multi

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Just beat impossible level.

Evolved to last level.
Got 4 of the most powerful turrest.
Just afk a bit.
Spam super soldiers (100k ones)
Win :o

I think the issue with the game you suggest is that it follows a somewhat different idea also games might be too long for CG. Reminds me of the old civilization map in warcraft3 custom mode, long gone good times.


We already have a BotG :wink:

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No idea what you mean.