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hi there, has anyone tried to solve it with minimax algorithm using alpha beta pruning? I tried it but I got bad results. I only can run it with a depth of 1 which is clearly not enough to achieve a good behaviour. The deeper I go, the more time it takes, and the algorithm does not provide an answer on time. Has somebody succeed in it?

i dont know about alpha beta timing because not tried yet, but i think a good evaluation of the game is needed, more than a better algorithm. Because evaluation is where time is spending.

Im sure you can go more than a depth of 1

I got MiniMax with no pruning to work at a depth of 6


When the bike is isolated from the opponents, the best thing to do is to fill a maximum the available space.

How did you implemented that? I tried to find the longest possible path with a recursive algorithm, but with only 100 ms it’s not enough to find something, there is really too much possibilities.


I’m interested to see why the description of this is in french. Do u guys know? Maybe it has something to do with tron? I havent watched it so im not sure

Thanks, just a missing key for the trad, we will look at it asap.

How do I make my AI not run into the walls with javascript

Does not go LEFT when the snake positionX == 0
Does not go RIGTH when the snake positionX == MAX_WIDTH

Also create a map and store the position of each snake position for every turn and adjust your test with
Does not go LEFT when the snake “positionX - 1” is not a free cell
Does not go RIGTH when the snake “positionX +1” is not a free cell


Is there an announcement about the Tron League system anywhere?
I am in Bronze league, but I think I am seeing Wood league instructions (“In this league, you only have 1 opponent.”).

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Wood and Bronze league have the same statement.

What about silver?

Silver only adds a third player to the mix.

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And probably a fourth player in Gold.

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It looks like I didn’t get the +250 XP after being promoted to Gold.
Isolated case? Anyone else with the same issue?

Yup same. I won mine 15min ago because someone upvote a solution.

U might win yours during this night.
Tell me if you didn’t :slight_smile:

You should have the +250XP in your XP history btw.

Alright, I will just be patient then :slight_smile:

Yes it got added during the following night :thumbsup: