Tron Battle bugged

I used to try Tron Battle in python but the coordinates of the head of the line are wrong compared to the image (and even the start). I tried to correct this bug myself but every time I start a new run the gap is different. Does someone had a similar issue ? And how did you fix it ?
Thank you

I tested creating a new bot in python, and everything’s alright…

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I used the same command as you but I can confirm that it’s glitched. The 14th column on the playback was understood as column 0 on the debug console.

Can you share a screenshot?

I’m new so I can’t apparently.

But I have no code at all except going on left.

You can share a link to an external image sharing site like imgur.


and it stops when it goes at the edge, even if the value is not equal to 0

The coordinates you’re displaying are not yours, but the boss ones.

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OK ! I understand why now my car was randomly moving. It’s because I need to precise which car coordinates I want to use. Thank you ! :grin:

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