Unaccepted profile pictures

It is not good at all. I am a Christian regardless of me being a Christian it’s still not good to see someone’s profile picture with nudes on it. We become what we watch so if we watch these things we become weak. In fact everybody is here to learn coding or brush up their coding skills not to see inappropriate things on the internet. CodingGame should do something about this.

I’ve never seen nudes here, but I agree with you, it is not appropriate.

If you see something inappropriate you can go on the inappropriate profile then click on “report abuse” (the 3 dots just above the “follow” button).

I’m moderator here.
Have you got an example of an avatar with a nude in it?

Anyway, we don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist or whatever else.

Are there any rules/guidelines, which we can look up?
Or is everything a case-by-case judgement call by the moderator/person who handles the ‘report abuse’-tickets?

There is a few information here:

Feel free to ping a moderator, here or in the Discord forum but please be more precise than “There is an avatar that shocks me.” Who? Where? Give a link? Open a ticket? Then the contacted moderator(s) can see what’s happening.