[Unleash The Geek] Call for streamers

As usual during CodinGame contests, some players stream their progression on CodinGame #Twitch channel (either directly or hosted).

For Unleash The Geek, for now, we have for sure:

And perhaps:

Anyone else interested? I’ll announce the streams next Thursday.

The only rules are to stream the challenge, and be respectful of CodinGame, Amadeus and the community. Since it’s a competition, I expect streamers not to show/share legend-level code.

Check out the full planning


Allow me to summon @Aveuh, cuz come on, he rocked! And on an Amadeus challenge to boot!

Apart from that…

Not to discourage you so soon, but I really feel more like a spontaneous kind of person.

(emphasis mine)
Ugh… bad start.

LOL :rofl:
Sorry, I’ll stand by my right to a free speech.

I always start a stream convincing myself I’ll use whatever language’s the most appropriate for the task at hand. That it ended up in Haskell these last few times is still merely a coincidence. (I’ll admit to The Factors. E.g. if I streamed CoC, you’d see less of it.)

Anyway, the contest at hand suffers from a real bad start, motivation-wise. It’s simultaneously pending and already settled. I’ve heard some people had completed their referee and simulation days ago, when I couldn’t even get my hands on a complete ruleset. It’s very likely (to me) a lot more IA-hiding than usual is to come, and that really doesn’t entice me to commit my usual “casual” style to history’s scrutiny.

I’ve been willing to re-do pikaptcha properly for some time now. Would that be considered an announceable stream topic?

For next week?


How could we possibly know that in advance? Most streamers publish before gold league even exists!

What does that mean?

Why would you do that to yourself?!

I’ll show myself out.

But still!

Is there even a limit on font size. :slight_smile:

Oh! Composing, no; published yes. Interesting.

Enough already.


Still cannot confirm I’m streaming, but if I do it’s gonna be in Java :wink:

I’d be ok for a stream in C++ or Python (I’d guess Python for low-league stuff). However since I’m abroad the whole week, I’m not sure I’d be available every night/evening. But we can try to set a date and I’ll do my best to stream from my hotel :smiley: #dedication


Aveuh :heart:
Let me know the time as soon as you know it :slight_smile:

I think I’ll stream around 10pm UTC this Saturday. Non-official meaning I’m not streaming for CG as community manager, just for fun as another CodinGamer.

I know @splanard is also looking to stream this week.

I think I’ll be good on next Wednesday or Thursday. BUT let me confirm that Monday evening when I’ll know if I have a proper internet connection (and a new laptop charger since mine just died yesterday T_T).

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I’m way too tired to stream tonight.

Maybe tomorrow or next week. Meanwhile, I’m sharing tips and stuff on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thibaud_jobert/status/1180219952109965313

Let’s get crazy. I may be streaming tomorrow around 21:00 CEST. (that’s like 26:30 from now)
I’ll try and manage to get dual streaming working before then, but failing that:


I’m a begginer, but I’m planning to stream until I reach gold league. Starting everyday around 00:00 GMT.

twitch channel

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I’ll watch it if you have a segment dedicated to sustainable beer brewing

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Still trying to figure that one out, I’m afraid!

Good news: I kind of managed to set up my rig for dual streaming to YouTube as well. Highly experimental, we’ll see how it goes.
Bad news: my audio doesn’t work, still debugging. Expect a bit of a delay.

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For those who want a break from the challenge: stream replay. Wood to high bronze, with a post-stream retrospective on what it lacked for silver. (spoiler: mainly fewer bugs)

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