[Unleash The Geek] Coding Points not received yet

Hi everyone,

I participated to unleash the geek, but the coding points I should have received are not seen in my profile ranking. Is this normal?

I participated to 3 contests (including unleash the geek) so, according to scoring rules, I should get some points for that.

I assume the ranking will be updated later, but I want a confirmation that I’m not the only one waiting for that.

See you,

we have a bug!

It seems we cound the Detective Pikaptcha as 4 contests, and you gained more points from it than for UTG.

We’ll fix it. So you’ll eventually have less points. :grimacing:


I assume that I’m not the only one concerned by this, and I won’t be the only one to loose points.

But, thanks for the info.

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Hi, I am a bit confused how the contest part of CP is calculated.
I read it is N^((N-C+1)/N) where N is number of players with a score > 0 and only 3 best contest results are added. I have exactly 3 participations but when I calculate myself I get a bit more than I really have.

|Unleash the Geek|Oct 04, 2019|184 / 2,162|
|Detective Pikaptcha|Jul 20, 2019|90 / 894|
|A Code of Ice & Fire|May 17, 2019|667 / 2,160|

Difference might come from that in the history and in the leaderboard not N is shown but also the score=0 players.
Where can I see the real N value on the site easily? (Question might be also valid for multis not just contest)

I agree, it’s confusing.
As part of the ranking rework project, we’re actually working on improving the ranking panel that opens when you click on your ranking in the profile page:

It’s just a mockup, the new formula will make all the multi worth the sames
as explained here

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Thx! This upcoming CG point counting method looks fair and well balanced. Getting so much more points for my mediocre CSB bot than for any other work I have done was really weird.
Btw even if CSB is fun, I still don’t understand how it could attract over 80k players , while most other multis got just a few thousands or even less…

That’s the Multi tutorial like Onboarding is for Solo.

Ahh, I forgot about that. That also answers why CP is a calculated with N = cca 50k instead of 80k. So there might be 30k players who just started it to be shown in the leaderboard, but did not really submit anything that made them into being part of N.

No. THe input format changes in higher leagues, these broken bots don’t show on the ladder.