[Unleash the Geek] How to run games locally?

Does anyone know how to compile the game environment for the Amadeus game?

The point of this is that I’d like to let two different versions of a bot compete with each other locally in multiple games. Then parse the results and see which version is best.

There’s even a compiled version in the release section.

I could run the game locally using the above gitrepo, but I have timeout problem under Windows with cgbrutaltester. The problem is that if I increase the per turn think limit in line 46 of referee.java to avoid per turn timeout (as Magus suggested for another multi game), than it says the total game limit of 30 sec is exceeded (200 turns are too much…). The run time was actually much less then 30 sec, it must be a problem with some get_current_time() function… By the way my current code in online IDE always runs below 8 msec/turn …
I would appreciate any ideas how to solve this. Thx!

This is great. I see the repo was updated only recently to add this. Thanks for pointing this out.