Update Dart to 1.9.1

Dart 1.9.1 introduces async/sync/await/yield syntax to use Futures (not needed in Codingame) and Iterable generators. Generators/coroutines are extremely useful, so much that all of Unity3D’s gameloop is based on them to do complex time-dependent routines.
It would be a big boost for developers, specially game developers to have access to this power. Dart is known to be used by game developers because it promises optimized JS.

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Hey @cgarcia_e88,

As far as I know they might be supporting different compiler versions in the future :smiley:

@cgarcia_e88 it’s updated to 1.10 … :smiley:

stderr.writeln(“version: ${Platform.version}”);


version: 1.7.2 (Tue Oct 14 06:55:59 2014) on “linux_x64”

Please update the Dart SDK installation, or the FAQ to be accurate.

Guys, we will update to Dart 1.16 the next week, stay tune.
version: 1.16.0 (Tue Apr 26 07:14:44 2016) on "linux_x64"


Mercí! Yay!

Version: 1.16.0 (Tue Apr 26 07:14:44 2016) on “linux_x64”

I can write enums! Yay!