Upgrade Kotlin?

It would be nice if Kotlin could be upgraded to 1.4.x, as there are a few utilities that have been added (such as removeFirst/removeLast on mutable lists etc.).

Also, something looks like a bug currently, because autocomplete and warnings in the editor seem to be using Kotlin 1.4.x, but when I run the tests it actually uses 1.3.x.
This is pretty annoying because I get warnings to stop using deprecated methods and use the new replacement in the editor, but if I do I get a failure in the tests.

Are there any plans to upgrade also the runtime for the tests?

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this has been reported here already : https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/kotlin-version-vs-language-assist/187668
It’s in our bug backlog.

I note the improvements of Kotlin 1.4. Nothing planned yet but we will look into updating languages

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Oh sorry for the duplicate then, I somehow missed it. Thanks for looking into it, and thinking about the upgrade :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Note that Kotlin 1.5 has been released since then. It’d be great if you guys considered upgrading directly to 1.5 :slight_smile:

Our implementation currently uses a native quick compiler that JetBrains made for us when we added Kotlin to the platform. However the tool they used to make it doesn’t exist anymore, so we have to switch to the classic slow compiler. Which requires quite some work for us.

Thanks for your response! You don’t owe us anything, but it’s nice to understand the decision-making process and your blockers.

Is it possible for you to share numbers on this? What do you consider slow / fast enough?
Kotlin 1.5 defaults to a new JVM IR compiler backend which might give different numbers, and it also compiles to JVM 8 bytecode by default now.

Also if the speed constraint is a problem for users, I would be happy as a user to have the option of Kotlin 1.5 and opt-in to the slowness.

we’ve finally moved to 1.5.0 \o/

see https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/languages-update/1574/231
for more details

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