Use Your skills not only to save Gaming-Worlds, but also to save OUR World!

Hey All!

At nostradamIQ we made it our goal to build a big data stream of all natural metrics to use it in order to make disaster prediction more accessible and easier to participate for all junior scientists!

We live in a dynamic and dangerous world, but we can use all the sensors and eyes on it to make it more foreseeable when something bad - like earthquakes or tsunamis - happens!

The goal is to build a large data stream of all regions in the world for as many metrics as possible and then use sophisticated Machine-Learning algorithms to find anomalies in these data streams. these anomalies are then used to stochastically predict disasters, based on learned correlations!

But for this we need YOUR help!
The data of our world is distributed across too many different places in too many different data files and formats for a few people to gather and embed it.

Here is where YOU come in! Use your coding skills to bind a few datasets of your choice to the stream and thereby help us to make the world a save place and save life!
Learn how to help here:

(For any questions, please approach us the Contact details there!)

The World counts on YOU!
Be a part of the solution!

Note, though, it’s not only about building the dataset, but also and more importantly, about using it for a joined way to evaluate risk for disasters!

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He sends us an email, and @FredTreg allows him to post a post. :slight_smile:

Thank You! I really think this is an important issue and We as coders can and should tackle it, as politcs does not really know what is possible nowadays!

My bad, I must admit that on first sight it seemed like an ad, i’ll take a look whenever i can

No problem! :slight_smile:

Yeah you should! :smiley: And please consider sharing it as well! The more ar helping the more successful it will be!