Using bot programming game as student activity

Hello everyone,

I would like to organize an event for my fellow physics students, centering around bot programming on CG. First, I will have to introduce CG with a simple puzzle, but then I think it would be fun for everyone to start working on a bot.

My question is: what is the “easiest” bot programming game on CG?
With “easy” I mean quick to explain the problem, having a straight forward goal and with a relatively low threshold to get into wood 2/1.

All other ideas for such an event are also more than welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Well if its about physic, Coder strikes back could be nice, pretty easy to reach Gold and its even the bot tutorial with an extra wood league.


Thanks! I didn’t expect such a clear answer to such a vage question.

I’ve been slowly working my way through the leagues, testing different strategies to see how many options there are for beating the bosses. I agree that it is pretty easy to reach Gold, if you know what you should focus on.

There’s only one thing I am uncertain about: it can take quite a while to get promoted to the next league after submit. Does someone have an idea what to do in the mean time?

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A partial list of what I do during those times:
Code cleanup and optimization, think of improvements, watch how your bot performs in the viewer, watch how opponent bots work in the viewer, watch what higher-ranked bots do (there’s a Last Battles screen accessible from the leaderboards), read up on other player’s strategies in the forums