Using OpenAI Codex or GitHub Copilot in Clash of Code - Cheating?


Is CodinGame okay with players using GitHub Copilot or OpenAI Codex to play Clash of Code?

OpenAI Codex is a tool that lets you write natural language and it will output code, among other possible use cases. It’s not perfect but it is surprisingly good. Here is their demo if you want to learn more: OpenAI Codex Live Demo - YouTube

GitHub Copilot is a VSCode extension developed by Microsoft that makes using the OpenAI Codex API more convenient.

Is it cheating to use this tool?

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I don’t think the debate should be about whether using these tools is considered cheating or not. In my opinion, the competition, especially in Clash of Code, is an excuse for having fun learning/chilling.

Can the use of such tools have a negative impact on other players? It’s possible but I don’t think it will. On the contrary, it could spark some interesting discussions between players around these new tools.

What do you think?

I’m curious to know the opinion of regular Clash players too.


I think it’s going to be a fun tool to use and see what it comes up with and how it can help

For example, you could do a prompt like this in python:

(description of problem)
Steps to solve:
1. (break down how you would solve it)
// paste starting code here

Then it would try to write the code out for you, based on your description.

Then if you are in shortest mode you can try something like this:

// insert your code here
Rewrite the above code into a one liner code golf

And see if it is able to shorten your code for you.

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For the reverse engineering and shortest code, no problem. For fastest mode, yeah, I think it would be a problem if every one use it. But we are here to learn and have fun, not to compete. (are we ?)


In my opinion, the most awesome feature of CodinGame is you can compete, learn and have fun at the same time. Just don’t take Clash ranking too serious.


Fastest mode can be more fun if you try an obscure language you have no familiarity with to see if the AI can help you write it.

I think it’s valid to use tools and technology to code faster. That’s a natural part of being a good developer. There is already a lot of disparity in CoC just based your choice of language.

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