Validated Coc and Puzzle tidying

Hello everybody!

Sometimes, in the chat, we talk about some puzzles and CoC that need some rework.
If you find that a puzzle or a CoC needs that a moderator uses a feather duster (ie, add or rewrite some tests or the statement), please ask here.

This thread might also be used as a todo list.


I recently whined a lot about the Egyptian multiplication puzzle which not only has no real statement, but has a very strange example that we are supposed to follow.

If the idea is “simple” to understand, the statement asks the reader to follow the example to code the algorithm. But what happens in the example and the comments don’t really match my definition of an algorithm :

12 * 5
= 12 * 4 + 12 # Divide 5 by 2, the remain is 1 and 5=2×2+1, thus 125=12(22+1)=1222+12=242+12
= 24 * 2 + 12 # Divide 2 by 2, 2=12+0 and 125=24*(12+0)+12=481+12
= 48 * 1 + 12 # Divide 1 by 2, 1=02+1 and 125=48*(0*2+1)+12=12+48
= 48 * 0 + 12 + 48 # End of the algorithm
= 60

Look at for instance, line 4 of the example. You start with 481 + 12. The comment explains to you how to get from here, to the next line 480 + 12 + 48. OK.
Now look at line 2. You start with 12*4 + 12. The comment explains how to get, not from that line, but from the PREVIOUS line, to the next line.

I thought that was ill presented and misleading, and would really benefit from rephrasing. It would be even better if the description of the algorithm would not follow an example.

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I’ll think about rewriting the statement.

My 2.5D maze puzzle needs a rewrite too. I said that I’ll do it but I’m lazying.

The TETRIS puzzle has a flaw in the testcase 2 input (and maybe on the validators too, but I can’t know this obviously)

There is an additional space at the end of the second line of the grid (I had hard time to spot this one, because… you know… an additional space at the end of a line… well, it’s not easy to see it !)

Someone with sufficient accreditation should fix this.

Problem fixed.

Perfect. Thanks Plopx

I’d like to erase some typos in the Vote counting puzzle (French version) but it’s not in the list.

sorry for this late reply but I take the opportunity as I read a post on the rewriting of 2.5D maze. It’s a really nice puzzle but the test set really needs to be extended. I can easily go through IDE test set but the qualification tests seems to run a different scenario. I hardly can debug my code with such a poor test set. My opinion is new tests should be added. Thanks for reading.

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I have just finished this Tetris puzzle in C and I did not face your problem. I had others, and I was looking for a place to ask for improvements.
First the C template should be modified and input buffer extended to 22 instead of 21.
Secondly the statement itself should be modified. it is stated 1<=FH<=4 when it can go up to 8 in the test set.
Moreover the two next cases are not clear for me if allowed or not (the grid should be read in a standard editor, the + figure out the shape):

should be be allowed:


can fit in but path does not allow:


Thank you