Validators - poor information, ongoing issue

I have to say that I really love this site and what’s doing but the validators ( at least for noobs like me… ) are pathetic. It seems that every second puzzle I attempt gives results like this and then it’s straight to the Forum where everyone else is saying the same thing and then the advanced coders always reply “I got 100% must be your code… noob”

It doesn’t have to provide answers but something is better than nothing :frowning:

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In the majority of the puzzles written by CodinGame, the validator have a more meaningful title. However, for community puzzles that’s almost always “Validator X”.

@contributors: that could be a good idea to give a title to your test cases :).

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It got me to the point of believing the validators in community puzzles were anonymized.
So I’m going to have the opposite problem in one of my pending puzzles, I’ll have to edit validator titles to be less telling.

Is the situation the same for clashes?

It would bear mentioning on the problem authoring page, don’t you think? Something like “Please use as meaningful titles as possible for all cases. Be aware validator names are visible, so don’t give out the solution there.”

PS: if memory serves, some of the standard puzzles’ validators’ titles are less-than-adequate too.

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I edited most of the validators’ title of my puzzles and clashes.
I couldn’t edit the ones that were validated before the community could do it (for example, Ace of base). Can someone reopen this feature?

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