Video Walkthroughs (Feel Free to Request)

Hello World,

I created a Code Club on my campus to introduce people curious about programming to Codingame. This site is the absolute best way to learn that I’ve encountered, and so because one of my life goals is to expand code literacy as far and wide as possible, I want to promote the site as much as I can.

At our meetings, I mostly plan to do walkthroughs. Here’s the zoom recording for our first session for anyone that wants to follow along with my stream-of-consciousness explanation of a few rounds of Clash of Code. I’ll keep adding more sessions and walkthroughs to this thread as we go on.

Whether you’re one of my students or not, please let me know if there’s any particular puzzle or multiplayer AI contest that you want me to give a walkthrough for. Most of my people are total beginners at the print(“hello world”) level so I don’t want to go too far over their heads yet.

I will not always be doing the best or most efficient way (in part because I myself have only been at this less than a year) and also keep in mind that I only do python for now.

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Fall 2022 Challenge (Keep Off The Grass)

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