View CodinGame points details


I made a tool to show the detail of points earned in multi and optimization puzzles, including code golf.
This is useful if you want to improve your rank, since you can spot where you miss the more points.

Here is an example with my profile:

You need to provide your “profile ID” which is visible in the URL of your profile page.

For code golf, your top 5 scores are shown since they add up for your global rank.
You can use the search to filter on specific puzzles or types (for example “golf” or “single”).

The points are computed according to this topic.
However, there may be some errors in my tool due to rounding or draws.

Please let me know if this is useful for you too :slight_smile:


Nice job. I have some tools too for multiplayers statistics on last battles. But i never shared it on the forum because any request with my tool will do 2 or 3 requests on CodinGame API.

Really good tool, we will improve profile to add such details in a near future.

@Magus, don’t hesitate to share your tools, 2 or 3 requests on the CodinGame API is far far away from our average number of requests per page :smiley: (and yes, performance is on our so long todo list!)

I updated the tool for the new ranking system (5000 points cap for multi puzzles instead of 2500).


Excellent tool, but is it down at the moment ? :slight_smile:
I get an almost blank page (any browser) with just the profile ID input.

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Thank you for reporting the issue, it should be fixed now :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have updated the tool to reflect the new ranking formulas and to include all competitive games.