Vim editor changing font between INSERT and VIEW modes

Hello !

I really appreciate that you added Vim editor to CodingGame. However there’s a small detail that really prevents me from using it: the font changes depending on whether you’re in Insert mode or in View mode.

If you’re in Insert mode, it takes the same font than the normal editor. However, when you’re in view mode, it gets “more bold”.

I switch a lot between the two modes, and seeing this change tends to tire my eyes a lot. Could it be possible to fix it ?

I’m on Google Chrome browser by the way, I don’t know if it’s any different on the other browsers.

Thanks !

Screenshot in View mode
Screenshot in Insert mode

I’ve had the same issue, but only on clash of code. For all other modes like contests and practice it seems to be stuck permanently on the bold/blurred version. It can get pretty annoying and hurt my eyes sometimes. I’ve noticed it for probably a few months now. Not sure if it was there before. Also on Chrome.

We’ll have a look. I noted it on our bug board.

Alright, thanks !

This should be solved, let us know if you encounter the issue again :wink: