Me and @eulerscheZahl have been working on a port of the game Vindinium. Since it’s a game known from before we’ll just share the game link =)


Original game:

Feel free to create issues/PR to the repo if you find bugs of any kind.
(Basic tooltips should be working later today)


Just a heads up:
We are adding player ID as part of the map strings tomorrow. Indicating the different spawns.
Might break some bots… :slight_smile:

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Why not wait for the official release to do that change?

Better break the bots in the demo version :smiley:

Bots will have to be resubmitted in the new version anyway, while very few will bother resubmitting in the current version, probably making the game dead until release.

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Good point. We will make a new Arena with the new inputformat to verify it.

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Updated arena:

  • Larger maps
  • Spawns given in input (might break some bots)
  • Optional expert input (get the previous opponent actions to verify your sim)
  • Smaller UI changes

We will keep the other one online because of breaking changes.