War (puzzle): bug test 5?

Hi, I’m solving this challenge in C++ and I think there’s a problem with that test. It’s supposed to be “One game one battle”, but player 1 has:
10H KD 6C 10S 8S AD QS 3D 7H KH 9D 2D JC KS 3S 2S QC AC JH 7D KC 10D 4C AS 5D 5S
and player 2 has :
2H 9C 8C 4S 5C AH JD QH 7C 5H 4H 6H 6S QD 9H 10C 4D JS 6D 3H 8H 3C 7S 9S 8D 2C

So, first round, 10 versus 2, 10 wins, second round, king versus 9, king wins. Etc… How it’s it supposed to be over on one round ? There isn’t a same card till round 6.

Also isn’t it possible to check the brut input of a test anymore ? To make sure that the problem isn’t my deck building function, but it would be weird since other fairly complicated tests pass.

Thank you !

From the IDE, you can go in your settings (icon on the left) and activate the expert mode. Then on the top left corder of the test cases (above 'play testcases buttons) there is an icon with 3 horizontal bar. Click on it and you will see the content of the input and output.

“One game one battle” doesn’t mean the game ends in one round. Actually, if you look at the expected output, it ends during the 52nd round :wink:

Thank you, I didn’t see these functionalities. The test name and the error I had with the simple format made me believe that I was supposed to output “1 1”. I can focus and my real problems now^^.

Thanks !