Web IDE available for personal use outside puzzles( Sandbox Mode )

I normally use Visual Studio’s IDE, but I love the ease that CodinGame’s web IDE provides(cloud backup, quickly open, suggestive debugging, no setup, etc…). Will there be support in the future where I can use the web IDE for hobby projects or uses outside of the provided puzzles/competitions sort of like a ‘sandbox mode’? Since I already use CodinGame frequently for practice, I would love to make it my primary platform for coding. As a student, the complexity of Visual Studio and IDE-related issues that frequently occur make CodinGame a very appealing alternative.

I imagine this question must have been asked before, but I had trouble finding a duplicate.

This is a really good question. I don’t think we will release a web IDE in strict term.

But the fact is that we are working on a really big feature (probably the biggest one in the history of CG ;)) that will allow the community to extend CG in a certain way (can’t say more at the moment).

But, as it is a really big project, I can’t say a date, just stay tuned.

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When I have to try pieces of code, I use https://ideone.com (who runs BrainFuck, yay).

YMMV, but IMHO ideone is just about the worst to mess around in BF. When I was more active in the community, I used Cal Henderson’s Interpreter/Debugger. Stepping ang breakpoints are invaluable!

I haven’t actively used the two following since they’re so new, but copy’s edition has all the bells and whistles (local execution, optimizing compiler, specification ambiguity configuration),and adamkgray’s is so well SEO’d it must be doing something right.

This isn’t meant to disparage ideone. Always better to run internet-copy-pasted code there than at home! :innocent: