Website completely bugged

The website and challenge are completely bugged or it is only on my side?


I cant do anything in the game too

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It’s definitely broken. Has been for at least 3 hours. In the challenge, most of the calls to the backend are returning HTTP 422 - the funniest (saddest) thing is, the response from the different backends is always:

{"id":412,"message":"Could not get leaderboard in time: giving up..."}

There’s less than 24 hours left in the challenge, and it looks like people are blocked from progressing. It would be nice if someone from CG would respond, and possibly add an extra day to make up for the bother.


Same here. The only thing that works more or less is testing the code in IDE vs boss, but it takes forever.


Same here too.

Unfortunately, although they fixed it several hours later, it still cost me most of the time that I could have worked on it. It is a shame that they opted to not extend the contest to make up for it. I would welcome anyone from the CodinGame staff to respond with the reasons, perhaps even a status update on what happened.