Website crashes when playing code

When I click on “Play my code” the website crashes sometimes, the browser says something like “website does not react anymore” and I can only restore the website without seeing my code being played. I found out that it would occur if more or less input variables are being read or if you code an endless loop. But in my current case of coding “Ghost in the cell” in VB.NET I do not know how to get my code working.

So, how do I find out what the problem is?

Could you be a bit more specific?
If you hit play in the IDE of Ghost in the Cell, it crashes every time?

It does not only crash in the IDE of Ghost in the Cell but also in other Multiplayer Bot Games. But in Ghost in the cell it was occuring more often than in other games.
And it does not crash every time (f.e. with the sample code it have not ever crashed). I am facing the crash when I code some new classes or functions after trying to play the code but did not a clue what could be the reason for the crash. Thought you migth have an idea!?

Does someone have an idea, what the problem migth be?

which browser?
What does exactly happen when it “crashes”? Could you add a screenshot? You could try to disable your extensions for a while and test.

Did crash with Edge and IE. Tried Chrome now and it did not crash but the Compiler showed me the error which helped me to adapt the code so that it is working now.
Thank you for the hint!

Here are the screenshots from IE and Edge.