What can I use C++ for?

I’m new with C++ and I want to build something cool with it , but just as a start I thought maybe creating a desktop application or maybe an android app can be a good start ,the poroblem is I don’t find much documentation about that or that I need to use some specefic frameworks ,I just need some guidance about that or maybe get some ideas that can help me to improve my c++ . Thanks.

If you are to write a Windows desktop app, use Visual Studio which has the libraries to build windows things.

If your target is to practice C++, getting start with a desktop app may not be effective because there are too many non-C++ issues to deal with. Start writing some console apps is recommended to focus on the language.

Command line (console) applications and tools are the best to start.

You really don’t want to dig in UI issues when you just want to learn a new language.

My mistake , I didn’t explain my self well. I start coding with c++ for about 2 weeks, I have done some console apps, I know how to use polymorphism, inheritance and [OOP] things. I just want to take it to another level and do a big project.

Actually I’m not looking for a way to learn C++. I’ve spent a couple of weeks doing console app with it so I think my problem is not with the language but with what can I use for . You know you can use kotlin to build apps , php and javascript for websites . I can unederstand C language is more close to the machine you can use it for improving system functionnalities , deal with memory …etc that is present in C++ as well but what is new is classes [Oriented Object] so what can I do with C++ and not with C using what is new

In fact, you can do almost everything in C++. Like with other languages. Desktop application, even a website (but i agree that C++ frameworks for a website creation are … well … not so good :smiley: ).

If you want to create a desktop application with an user interface, you’ll need to look at Qt for example.

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