What is the duration of the contests?

Hello fellow coders,

I will be talking for CoderCalendar support of codingame. Briefly CoderCalender is calendar for competition coding, which helps people to find the next available coding competition and better plan their calendar.

See :

Is there way find the time duration of the contest. Like I could not find when the next contest is going to end or duration of the contest.

Thank you.

It depends from contest to Contest.The last one was 24-Hours long.
The up coming one is not yet decided.The are yet to set the problem/game for that contest.Its in September,looong time from now.

It should say not only when start and when it finish too.

To be little clears in the interest of everybody, the plugin/app would need to find the start and end date programatically, so that it can show it to the users the start and end time of a contest.

I dont think they have even decidec what kind of contest it is yet.So its a little tentative.