What level to get job opportunities?


I’m currently looking for a job and have had my profile filled out for some time. I was just wondering though - what kind of level do you have to be for your profile to be sent to companies/recruiters looking for candidates? Has anyone on here gotten a job this way?


Keep in mind that your profile shows how good you are on Codingame (solving puzzles, competiting in CoC or bot challenges, …). Real life’s code is very different. Knowing how to code a MCTS doesn’t help you when you struggle with Angular’s documentation, trust me.

And because of this, I don’t know if there is any valid answer to your question.

We’ve chosen the opposite approach, if someone is able to properly code a somewhat high level structure like MCTS, we know that person has potential and motivation (and sure, learning Angular is going to be a pain :stuck_out_tongue:).
Otoh we’ve seen people trained in some fields like data science with a degree in programming, who didn’t know the difference between an object and a struct, or what an interface was.

To give my 2 cents to your question OP, I think the indicator that would impress the most is your overall bot-programming rank, because there’s a lot of decent to very good programmers on this site. Your current level is more related to the time you’ve spent here.

Ok cool, thanks for the replies

The level of the CodinGamer profile is not used in the matching with recruiter job profiles. It only serves as more information for the recruiters who then decide to contact the candidate or not.


I will tell you my story, and hope that it helps. I already sent the feedback to CG, (so maybe they already read it). As was said above, it’s not like HackerRank where you need to pass a test to be visible by companies (I did this too).

My experience was that “CG for Work” doesn’t help for profiles like mine. Hiring is difficult and some recruiters can not appreciate the ability to dive in and solve a wide range of problems using a wide range of tools.

However some are able to, and I am lucky enough to have been bold enough to apply to unicorns (Silicon Valley startups valued above 1 billion), despite being self-taught.

For me at least, achieving Grandmaster allowed me to get interviewed, because without that and my own side project I would probably never be considered seriously. Consider that for those positions you compete with graduates from Stanford, Berkerly, MIT, etc.

So, in summary, keep working and doing what you love. Eventually, things can work out (even in these difficult times).

P.S. : I send my love to the codingamers, the staff and moderators. Even though, it was from my own hard work (and the matching didn’t help), I would never have reached a new career high without you. :heart:


How are users matched with recruiters on here?

Cool, thanks for sharing that. I will continue doing what i’m doing and i will get there one day!

based on the information you filled in the career section: technologies, location, salary…

Ah ok, do the recruiters then check your profile and decide whether they’re interested or not?

I don’t know it’s still relevant but 2 or 3 years ago “lvl10 and X solved puzzles in c++ on codingame” was a requirement for applying for their c++ dev internship. I don’t know if it’s still a requirement and if it’s unique for Ubisoft but it was a thing.

Perhaps they do. They can for sure.
As a recruiter, I guess I’ll do it for sure.