When does a turn start?


I’m fighting with timeouts and i’m asking when the turn is starting? Because i get the current time before reading data and i’m not sure it is good. Sometimes it really take long time to read data arout 80ms so it’s really difficult then to respond in time.

Thanks for the help.

Tricky question. I’m not up on all the deep technical stuff, but I know that when your turn ends, your time stops until the opponent does his stuff. If you don’t stop timing yourself at that point, you’ll capture the length of the opponent’s turn too. That sounds like what’s happening here; 80ms is how long it took the opponent to do his turn, minus the time it took you to read your inputs.

In the past I’ve had some success in not starting my timer until after I read the first turn input. I know it throws off the precise timing by a little bit, but at least that way I know it’s my own time.


Indeed! I initialize my start time after the first input read and it works perfectly now, thanks a lot!