Which programing language is used for this game

i wonder what programming language is used for this flash mmorpg game it is 2d and it was also in facebook

and i want to know what do i need to make a game like this

You said it yourself or I am wrong?


can you be honest ? what do you mean ?

please response what i need to make a game like this
if you aren’t going to answer then let me question from another place

… nicola already answered you, you said it’s a flash game…

flash is a programming langauge ? wtf

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Why do you think it’s called a flash game?

Anyway here’s a quick guide:

thanks you guys :slight_smile: but now the problem is i don’t know how to design a 2d rpg character
i am going to learn it i will use stencyl to make the game

Because it runs on the Flash VM. Kind of for the same reason you could call MineCraft a JVM game.