Who else does this habit?

This is in regards to contests, optimisation and AI Battles, but the idea is that it is better to have some garbage code submitted than to fail to post an entry. Something while it compiles doesn’t do much of anything other than sit around going “eeeeeh”?

I’ve started calling these “Fonz Bots” and referring to the initial “compiles, but does nothing” behaviour/code as “Fonz Code”. This is different from my “Ralphie Wiggum Strategy/Code” as all the Fonz Bot does is just chill and be content with its current stuff. Where as Ralphie Wiggum Strategy is mostly just to mess with bots that work on trying to predict the behaviour of other bots.

Either way… anybody else also submit Fonz Bots? So they at least have something submitted that does… that compiles anyways.