Why are the puzzles always so bad

there’s never a single “way to go” or “hint” or anything helpful to someone who wants to learn; still, it seemed to be the objective of this website.

so my question is : why ?

do you want only people who already know the basics to be able to learn more ?

(Note: I’m not an employee of, or a spokesperson for, CodinGame. This is just my personal view.)

I think you’ve misunderstood CodinGame’s mission. Below is a quote from their help centre:

Disclaimer: Except for the content created by the community in the Learn section, CodinGame doesn’t provide any tutorial to learn the basics of programming from scratch. If you’re new to programming, we highly recommend taking a tutorial online to learn these basics before heading to the Practice section and trying to solve coding puzzles.

Don’t blame a secondary school for not teaching stuff that should be learned in a primary school.

you are absolutely right, but websites (including this one) describe themselves as learning tools, which could be seen as partialy correct if you wanna consider learning doesnt include the learning from scratch stage (even if thats already abusive), but even then, where is the primary school ?

and i dont blame anyone, i try to understand why none is taking care of building the missing steps.

I can’t speak for others, but I certainly have learned a lot on this website.

If you can’t find anything to learn here yet, go to another website that is more suitable to you, and learn there. And maybe later when you come back, you’ll find that you can learn something here.

which brings back my previous question :slight_smile:
Which website can help learning from scratch ?

It depends on what you want to learn. Try google/bing/(other search engine) that thing plus a phrase like “for beginners”.

i’ve got to say thats the first time i meet somone who doesnt know what an advice is.
i’ll wait for potential other helpers, thank you.

It’s all right. I’d thought I’d point you to a website to teach Fortran for beginners, but I’d decided not to. Good luck!

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yeah im not such a believer

Yeah, you can believe what you want. I suggested websites on this forum previously when people were able to specify their learning needs. As I mentioned above, “it depends on what you want to learn”. If you want to learn Python and I give you a website on JavaScript that won’t be helpful, will that?

then why did you act like it was as dumb as googling my question ?

Huh? Googling isn’t dumb! I google to get my own questions answered all the time! That’s genuine advice; I honestly don’t know how you get that impression of yours.

You joke, but many people in these 3rd world countries don’t understand basic things like search engines. Studies have shown that up to 2/3 of them can’t distinguish between facebook and the internet.

From recent past experience trying to help someone, who’s current level is like a brand-new beginner, I would suggest the following:

YouTube videos that come up when you search “How to learn basic programming” or “programming for beginners” or “introduction to programming” or “programming basics”

Or add your language of choice to those searches; for example “programming for beginners python”

I love “Tim Corey” on YouTube but find a YouTube teacher who has a style that you like

“CS50” course on YouTube with the Harvard professor. The whole thing is like 20 hours but it is time well spent.

Then to start practicing, go to codewars.com, and do their beginning level tasks (they call it level “kya 8”). If you don’t know how to solve one of those, you can basically click on the equivalent of “I give up; show me” button and you’ll see how others solved it.
Also you can search on YouTube for the title of the Kata (what Codewars calls their puzzles) and you will often find videos of people solving them.

Don’t worry if it takes you a long time to solve one; speed will come with time.

~ ~ ~

Then, when you feel like you’ve gotten that level mastered, come back to Codingame and go to “Codingame.tools” website. There you have access to thousands of what we call Clashes which are little tasks that can be solved in 5 to 15 minutes. But on the “Codingame.tools” you have unlimited time, so you can Google and experiment and try for as long as you want.

And ultimately you can see it solved in a language by scrolling down.

( I recommend you search for “Lisa-Has-Ideas” for some great clashes, but I’m biased.)

~ ~ ~

When you are comfortable with that, then go to Codingame proper and do the Clashes timed (along with other people). Do a bunch of those.

Then start with the easy “classic puzzles” in Codingame.
And if you get stuck there, the “discussions” section will usually give you some hints

By then you’ll have learned a ton.


Here’s some unsolicited advice….
5DN1L is a precious treasure ; they help craft virtually all the puzzles on this website, with their insight, amazing attention to details, knowledge and just general wisdom.

You’ll never find anyone more helpful than them.

So be nice, and assume good intent.

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If you want a website where you can find easier programming puzzles, try code abbey.
Anyway, there are easy puzzles in CG too.