Why cant codingame create more code golf puzzles?

:frowning: theres only 4 code golf puzzles…

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There are plenty of golf puzzles in Clash of Code :wink:

It’s not the same, for a real golf puzzle you have as much time as you want to improve your solution so you can really craft something original, while in CoC you usually go for something that is “good enough” and just use the usual tricks.
Also, in a real puzzle you have a separate leaderboard per language, which makes it more interesting than CoC.

So yeah, a fifth golf puzzle would be nice, and would make sense for CP, it would make 5000 CP for golf instead of 4000, same amount of CP as CoC.

If you do release a fifth one, please consider using enough validators (a dozen) to prevent hardcode. As I said earlier, I’m not against hardcode, it can lead to clever solutions, but right now 2 puzzles out of 4 are hardcoded so if the fifth is hardcoded it would make 3 out of 5, it would be a bit lame.


ya, but doesn’t work if you don’t like clash or its format

Actually I don’t understand why there isn’t a “code golfing” rank on every puzzle. There’s no ranking anyway.

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ye technically having every puzzle in codingame having a rank for code golf isnt a bad thing…
right? mods? :expressionless:

Mods don’t decide site functionality. Admins / Owners do.

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There would be not enough golfers per problem to have a meaningful competition.

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How do you know that if there is no way of seeing how many people would do it?

There is a way to see how many are competing right now though. Not so many. And I made an observation. Some golfers are not competing in some of the puzzles. More puzzles = less competition.