Why do clash of code scores decay?

I’m ranked first in clash of code right now and I feel like it was too easy, like there’s a huge player pool that’s missing from the top of the leaderboard. I noticed that the scores decrease over time without playing any games, so all of the previous top competitors from years past must be missing. I wish I knew how good they were.

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Purely my opinion here, this is not official in any way

It’s very easy to get points in clash of code. That’s all.

The scores decay to keep players playing.
Well, in my case it keeps me from playing :wink:


Mostly most of the top 10 of the global leaderboard have an “implicit agreement”. We don’t touch at clash of code. It is far too easy to earn many points, and you have to play some clashes every day to avoid the decay. Too much time consuming. The top 10 is far better without this.

But, since the CoC leaderboard is based on a Trueskill implementation, the decay is a must have. If the top 1 player decide to stop CoC, no one can play against him. In a ELO ranking it’s just a very bad thing.


Congrats on being top1, I don’t think it’s that easy.
All clash CG bots use answers from previous competitors:


So we designed bots with predefined levels to mimic players’ behavior. During a Clash, the bots copy a previous submission (code and duration) of a real player according to their level. Put simply, a bot with a high level will copy a random previous submission taken randomly in the top submissions for that Clash. There are bots of all levels but the probability of encountering a medium-level bot is higher.

So unless there are a lot of new clashes, most bots copy top players in your case (as you are 1st).

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