Why doesn't the Launch Clash button appear always in the clash of code?

After joining clash of code, there is a timer which has to run out before starting the clash.
But sometimes there is a button as well, which says Launch Clash before the Leave Clash button.
If we press the Launch Clash button, the game starts in 3 seconds, whatever remaining time there was in the timer.
But this button does not always appear.
Its not about the number of people or remaining time to start the clash. This button seems to appear randomly, but I don’t suppose it is designed to be random, right?


It appears only if you’re the “host”, i.e the player who joined first and for who the room was created. And I suppose there’s also a “transmission” if the host leave…


Yes @DhakalKumar, as said BlaiseEbuth, you can consider that the :zap:power of this :point_down: button is only in the first player’s :palms_up_together:hands :wink:

bye ! have :sun_with_face: sun, :writing_hand: CoC and :grinning: fun :wink: !

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