WHY! I always lose the game!

I think “THIS MAY A BUG”.
I always lose the game in The Tutorial game-Onboarding.
I typed the code by rules , but why I still lose???
The game should have 11/11 steps , but become 2/2 steps , like I say:“NO ENEMY”
And how to type in the enemy’s name ??? I didn’t see any textbox I can input.

Yeah, it may be a bug.

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What language are you using/what did you write? Probably not printing in a loop if you only got 2/2 steps.

How do I show you the code I write ? I using C.
I just wrote the condition of “if-else”

Hello barry0927269509,

There is already a thread about this game: click here

I invite you to read it, there are many advice in it.
As about showing your code, if you are unable to solve your problem after reading the topic, copy/paste – in the thread given above – the part of your code that print the name of the enemy. You must not show all the code that is in the IDE.