Will CodinGame have problems if I write too many comments on my code?

When solving puzzles I sometimes store different approaches or unused code as comments, so that I can “reactivate” them later.
Recently I thought, “What if I accidentally crashed CodinGame with this much comments on my code?”

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So the recurring problems on the site were your fault?! :rage: Stop commenting your code! Stop indenting and skipping lines! And don’t run it too much. :stuck_out_tongue:
More seriously, don’t worry about that. The file size is limited anyway. :wink:


The code size limit is 100kb. Comments included.

And since comments are stripped away before compilation, there is no risk for codingame.

Did someone hit the limit?

Multiples times and during almost every contests :joy:

That’s got to be frustrating

Code size is limited to 100.000 chars. You can use chars up to a char value of 65,536 (16 bits) afaik, making the total size > 100kb (if you want to pack more data in each char…)

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