Winamax Sponsored Contest (Golf) - Puzzle Discussion

There is a problem with the judgment rules of this question, because the standard answer is not unique. I first used bfs to find the shortest feasible solution, and found that it was not a standard answer, and then used dfs to find the solution, and found that it was not a standard answer either. I can’t find the law of the standard answer, I hope the question can give more information

Hey, Just tried to solve the winamax challenge and it seems that at least some tests are wrong

Test 2:
expected output:

the ball ‘2’ is taking 3 shots, which is not allowed. it seems like this test case input should have been like in the example
this would have been a valid input to the expected output as X (water hazard) is present at (0, 1) so you dont count this shot

also at test 3:
expected output:

here it seems that ball ‘4’ is doing 8 shots and the rightmost ball ‘2’ is doing 3 shots

Would love someone to let me know if I’m wrong in my assumption the test cases are wrong


The puzzle statement says:

A ball moves across as many cells as its shot count the first time it moves, vertically or horizontally. The next move becomes one shorter, it decreases the number of cells to pass by 1.

In Test 2, for example, the “2” ball is moved with 2 shots (not 3):

  • First shot: The ball moves downwards across 2 cells.
  • Second shot: The ball moves to the right across 1 cell.

Hey, thank you for your reply!

Now I understand, should have read the puzzle better! thanks