Winter Throne 2020

As we can see Fall challenge on horizon.So,in order to warm up our community.I am launching another unofficial Codingame community contest.

Starting date - 10th Oct 2020 5 am UTC
Ending date - 20th Oct 2020 5 am UTC

The game for the contest will be choosen by voting have to vote for your favourite multiplayer amongs these three -
1 Fantastic Bits.
2 Tulips and Daisies.
3 A code of Ice and Fire.
Everyone can vote once which would be done during registration.
here is the website link where you can see leaderboard and register yourself and can vote -
Registration will close on 15th Oct 2020 5 am UTC.
Voting will close at starting of contest.
Join our discord server ( ) for any query and stay updated.