Working with multiple files in python

I’ve been working in python for cg contests for a while now and finally got around to splitting up my codebase into multiple files. Forum has file bundlers for java, c#, scala and c++ but none I’m aware of for Python currently, so I’m sharing the script I wrote to make the most of my limited time during the OceanOfCode contest:

Together with CG Sync and Sublime Text, hitting Ctrl+B will build my bot into a single file and load it up to play a match against whatever opponent is in the arena currently.

Hopefully some will find it useful for future contests :slight_smile:


Thank you, I really needed a way to combine my Python files!

Thank so munch! I forked it and tried my best with porting the build task to vs code on windows.

Is there any suggestion for using it in pycharm?

my version: