Worthy book recommendations?

I’d love to write better bots for CodinGame. I have done quite a lot of experimenting and I’m doing moderately well, but I think I’m missing foundations.

I have run search on amazon and found a few books, I would love to get some worthy recommendations…

  • Game Hacking: Developing Autonomous Bots for Online Games by Nick Cano [1]
  • Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Tactics and Strategy by Steve Rabin [2]
  • 75 pages of results when searching for Game Theory [3]


[1] - Game Hacking: Developing Autonomous Bots for Online Games: Amazon.co.uk: Nick Cano: 9781593276690: Books

[2] - Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Tactics and Strategy: Amazon.co.uk: Rabin, Steve: 9780367150884: Books

[3] - Amazon.co.uk : game theory


This is probably the best book you can buy for a holistic overview of AI as a field in general.
Most of the ideas in the book are very applicable to these contests: search (uninformed, heuristic, adversarial, monte carlo methods), probability, constraint satisfaction problems, logic & knowledge representation, decision theory, utility theory, game theory, probabilistic programming. To some extent the machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning chapters are also applicable. It does assume some knowledge of mathematics in places (calculus and linear algebra mostly) but those are usually smaller sections of the chapters that can be skipped.

Basically the book contains such an abundance of knowledge (it is 1000+ pages long). Even if you only read the chapters you are interested in, and if you pair that with another book on competitive programming and/or high performance programming in your language of choice, you’ll be in very very good stead for these competitions :grin:


Nice, found May 2021 edition of this book, thanks for sharing!

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