XOdia : An online competition between AI codes organised by students of an engineering college, PICT in Pune, India

I would like to inform everyone about this event which goes by the name of XOdia and is organised by students of PICT, an engineering college in Pune. The event is straightforward; it is a competition between codes which play their game ‘Cryptron’. The registration is free and the game is pretty interesting too, with an international cash prize of INR 5000 for the winner. Check them out at xodia.in


It’s a really interesting game they’ve made. The GUI looks brilliant too! Definitely giving this a shot.

Loved the concept of the game CRYPTON.

“I recently found out about this event”
Then why is your name in the footer ?


It’s a great way to get familiar with the basic AI algorithms.
Do check it out.

Loved the concept.

Love the game, a definate must try !!